A diet of traditional rice three times a day gave our ancestors all the energy they needed to carry out a multitude of heavy tasks, from ploughing paddy fields to chopping firewood, to walking several miles daily and still have energy to spare.

Traditional Rice

Ailments such as heart attack, high blood pressure or diabetes were almost unheard of. Different historical records revealed that traditional rice varieties were revered for their nutritional and medicinal properties.

REN collaborated with the National Federation for the Conservation of Traditional Seeds and Agro-Resources, to carefully select seven varieties based on the recommendations by Ayurvedic practitioners and western medical practitioners.


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  Suwandel is a delectable white rice with an exquisite aroma. Its special milky taste makes it an ideal choice for festive occasions and ceremonies. It is known to promote fair and glowing skin; improve the functioning of the excretory system; improve vocal clarity; enhance male sexual potency and helps control diabetes.


Rathdel is a delicious red rice that provides relief to those suffering from cirrhosis. Porridge and soup made with rathdel can help fight against viral fever. It is recommended for rashes caused by mental stress and provides relief for ailments in the urinary system. It also helps flush toxic excretory matter and cools the body. Roasted and ground rathdel raw rice tempered with ghee can be an effective remedy for purging. It is proven for preventing the formation of stones in the bladder and gall bladder. Porridge made out of rathdel rice, sarana (Boerhavia diffusa), sugar, raisins and fresh cow’s milk is suitable for those suffering from tuberculosis and lung ailments. Consumption of boiled rathdel rice mixed with ghee enhances male sexual potency.



Kaluheenati is a highly nutritious red rice that enhances male sexual potency and physical strength. Its high fibre content helps regulate bowel movement. It is effective in keeping diabetes under control as well as controlling the toxic effects of snake bites. Porridge made from kaluheenati rice is highly recommended for hepatitis patients.



Ma-Wee is a red rice variety with its scrumptious texture that is low in carbohydrates. It provides relief for burning sensation and cools the body. Ma-Wee rice consumed together with meat can reduce alcohol intoxication. It is recommended for tuberculosis patients; helps control diabetes and is an effective remedy for purging.



Kuruluthuda is a delectable and nutritious red rice variety which is rich in proteins. It improves bladder functioning and enhances male sexual potency.




Pachchaperumal is a red rice variety rich in nutrients and protein which is an excellent choice for your every day meal.


    Madathawalu is another traditional red rice variety that is highly recommended in Ayurvedic treatment to strengthen the immune system.

Hetadha Wee is a red rice variety that helps control diabetes and provides relief for burning sensations and cools the body. It relieves ailments caused by biological imbalances; improves physical strength and an effective remedy for purging, blood vomiting and bleeding disorders.

  “From my childhood we used to cultivate traditional varieties. Those days everywhere we had those varieties. It was later these new hybrid varieties were introduced to our land. While many of us adapted to new varieties for selling purpose, we also continued growing our varieties for consumption.
About eight years after introducing hybrid varieties, we observed that the traditional varieties disappeared from our land. It was the Federation that re-introduced our varieties to us. But, then our fields were destroyed with chemicals. Preparing them for organic farming is a challenge, but we try our best to promote traditional rice varieties with high medicinal value as our duty to build a healthy nation."
- N.W.W.A. Rathnasiri Dias, Member of National Farm Federation